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Krasa Centrade Business Park: Prime Commercial Space in Noida

Sector 140, Noida Expressway


Krasa Centrade Business Park is a prime real estate project perfectly suited for those seeking an excellent location with easy accessibility. Nestled along the Noida Expressway, this project offers exceptional connectivity to various parts of the city. The development spans over 5 acres and features 475 units. Krasa Centrade Business Park is meticulously designed, offering a multifunctional complex enriched with both art and science. Located amidst lush greenery in Noida, it's ideally situated in the heart of the capital of India.


  • Location: Situated on Noida Expressway, providing easy access to key areas.
  • Total Units: 475 units.
  • Land Area: Spans over 5 acres.
  • Premium Fittings & Fixtures: Including wardrobes, air conditioner fittings, and premium bath fittings.


  • Sports: Includes amenities like kids' play areas, sand pits, and a basketball court.
  • Convenience: Offers power backup, restaurant, treated water supply, high-speed escalators, ATM facilities, and lifts for convenience.
  • Safety: Ensures 24 x 7 security, CCTV and video surveillance, fire fighting systems, smoke/heat sensors, and emergency rescue and alarms for a secure environment.
  • Leisure: Provides a clubhouse, conference room, outdoor cafes, multi-brand retail spaces, high street retail, and a food court for recreational and shopping needs.
  • Environment: Features a normal park and central green areas for relaxation and a green atmosphere.

Why KRasa:

  • Prime Location: Ideally located on Noida Expressway, offering easy connectivity to various city areas.
  • Meticulous Design: The project combines art and science in a multifunctional complex for a unique and appealing environment.
  • Ample Amenities: Provides a wide array of amenities, including a rooftop garden, sports facilities, and recreational spaces, ensuring a pleasant business experience.
  • Convenience: High-speed escalators, power backup, and an array of retail and dining options on-site contribute to a hassle-free business environment.




What is Krasa Centrade Business Park?

Krasa Centrade Business Park is a real estate development located on Noida Expressway, offering a range of commercial units and a multifunctional complex.

What types of amenities are available at Krasa Centrade Business Park?

The project offers a diverse range of amenities, including a basketball court, terraces, rooftop garden, kids' play areas, restaurants, high-speed escalators, security systems, and more.

Where is Krasa Centrade Business Park located, and why is it a strategic choice?

This project is situated on Noida Expressway, making it strategically located for excellent connectivity to various parts of the city.

What are the specifications of the project, such as the total number of units and land area?

Krasa Centrade Business Park comprises 475 units and spans over an expansive 5-acre land area.

What distinguishes Krasa Centrade Business Park from other commercial developments in the region?

Krasa Centrade Business Park stands out due to its ideal location, meticulous design that blends art and science, a comprehensive range of amenities, and convenience features such as high-speed escalators and an array of retail and dining options, creating a hassle-free and pleasant business environment.